Take Control of Your Time


And Do More for Yourself & Your Business

 An Energy Management Plan for Leaders

Business success doesn't have to come at your expense. Delegation is an Energy Management System™, which helps you manage your time and team better.


In Elevation Quarter, we will teach you the tools and strategies of our proven delegation framework so you can regain your time and energy.

Many business leaders think of delegation as something to do. Few think of it as something to learn. Understanding and mastering effective delegation is deep work, but the results will multiply your efforts tenfold. 

Spend the next quarter elevating you and your leadership style in a way that frees your business to scale without constraint. In our Elevation Quarter™ Cohort, you’ll join a small group of like-minded leaders and do the deep work to uncover why delegation is so challenging to execute and how to overcome common hangups.  

We’ll utilize a mix of LIVE e-learning, small group breakouts, accountability tracking, and a proven system to help you put time and focus back into your day.


How Do I Know My Problem and Solution is Delegation?

Delegation is an Energy Management System™ that, when properly implemented, creates a freedom that scales throughout an organization. You can become a Great Delegator with this shift in thinking and a series of habit-forming activities and exercises. Great Delegators do their highest impact work while empowering the rest of their team to do the same. Experience less burnout, more energy, and more success.

Do you think these thoughts multiple times a month, week, or even day?

check “It’s easier for me to do it myself than to explain it. I can do it better.”

check “My work is too complicated to hand off.”

check “I tried handing this off before, and it got screwed up and cost me more time to fix it.” 

check “I know I need help, but I don’t even think I’m in a place where I can add someone in yet.”

If so, you’re not alone. We designed this program for the hundreds of leaders who feel and think just like you. 

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Flexible Learning

Elevation Quarter offers two learning models to match your learning style!


Elevation Master Class

  • Learn course material over two four-hour sessions, next session begins December 14.

Elevation Quarter Cohort:

  • Learn course material over a six week time period, next session begins October 4.

Both Models will implement the strategies below.


What You Will Learn to Implement Delegation as an Energy Management System™


Session 1:

Delegation Mindsets

Heighten self-awareness and identify mindsets and positive habits around delegating. Discover how delegation will make an impact on your vision. 


Session 2:


Learn the behaviors of disciplined leaders and how to identify and work through bottleneck behaviors that hinder delegation success.


Session 3:


Understand and overcome limiting beliefs that impact our ability to let go.  Identify what to delegate and explore best practices for maximum impact.


Session 4:


Go deep with our proprietary delegation system, The Delegate Freedom System® and learn how to consistently handoff the right things in a reliable, repeatable way


Session 5:

Delegation Strategy

Build out a delegation strategy that is tied to your goals and priorities and incorporates "on-track" criteria.  Learn how to hold a weekly check-in meeting to keep everyone on track.


Session 6:

Reflect and Improve

Troubleshoot and discuss any breakdowns in the delegation process so far.  Evaluate energy shifts and habit changes and re-establish delegation strategy and metrics for the future.


Elevation Quarter 6-Week Sessions

Week 1 | Wed, Oct. 4 - Noon to 1:30 PM ET
Week 2 | Wed, Oct. 11 - Noon to 1:30 PM ET
Week 3 | Wed, Oct. 18 - Noon to 1:30 PM ET
Week 4 | Wed, Oct. 25 - Noon to 1:30 PM ET
Week 5 | Wed, Nov. 8 - Noon to 1:30 PM ET
Week 6 | Wed, Nov. 15 - Noon to 1:30 PM ET


Elevation Quarter Masterclass

Session 1 | Thur, Dec. 14 - Noon-4:00 PM ET
Session 2 | Thur, Dec. 21 - Noon-4:00 PM ET




right-icon-1  Lecture -  LIVE facilitated small group learning sessions with Q&A time -  [$4997 value

right-icon-1 Mentor - Access to personal delegation strategists during Office Hours -  [$1997 value] 

right-icon-1  Practice - Exercises & small group breakouts to enhance skills - [$997 value] 

right-icon-1  Visual Tools - Scorecards and habit trackers, to show your progress - [$397 value] 

right-icon-1  Support - Ongoing email support for Q&A across the quarter - [$497 value]  

right-icon-1  Community - 24/7 Private cohort Slack group for peer learning during workshop - [$1297 value] 

right-icon-1  Community - 24/7 Alumni community Slack group for peer learning after workshop - [$1297 value] 

right-icon-1  Personalized Resources - Customized VIP workbook & templates - [$697 value] 

right-icon-1  BONUS -  lots of extra resources! - [$597 value]  




Only $997

and the proof is in the data


Focused hours gained for entrepreneurs last year


Brains on your business throughout our team.


Increase in efficiency across teams.


What course graduates are saying

“Thanks to the Elevation Quarter Workshop, I have been able to build confidence in myself as a leader, build systems my team can easily follow to free up my time to scale my business. Couldn’t recommend this course any more!”

- Katrina Padron
CEO, North Star HQ 



The Elevation Quarter Workshop is perfect for entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs or anyone looking to create a simple plan and process that creates long-lasting habits for delegating.

Our research shows that most business owners are ready to scale and hire sooner than they think. In our workshop, we will take you step by step to identify your “bottlenecking behavior” and how to tackle limiting mindsets that keep us from true growth.

In our Elevation Quarter™ Workshop, we've broken up our learning and exercises into bite-sized chunks, so that you can develop the habits and mindsets of a delegation executive. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to recognize and address limiting beliefs that keep us from letting go.  We will give you the tools and systems to delegate efficiently to further your unique contribution, gain time freedom and scale your business.