Summer Survival kiT


 CEO Summer Survival Kit

 Have no fear, Delegate’s Summer Survival Kit is here!

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Here’s what to expect:

June: CEO Intervention- Save Your Summer 

  • Article: 10 Ways to Keep your Business Moving While Still Enjoying Your Summer
  • Activity: Bottleneck Diagnostic- Which type of Bottleneck are you in your business? (and how to fix this!)
  • Emily’s June Summer Reading List

July: 4 Ways to Declare Your Independence

  • Article: 4 Ways to Declare Your Independence”
  • Activity: Automation Checklist for a productive summer
  • Emily’s July Summer Reading List

August: Un-Labor Day

  • Article: How CEOS can Unplug and Unwind by Being Prepared
  • Activity: Webinar Replay (**2 great webinars to get you back on track for fall!)
    • See the Exact Delegation Process These Entrepreneurs Used to Grow Their Companies (And How to Make it Work for You!)
    • How Your Company Can Run Itself
  • Emily’s August Summer Reading List 

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