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As business owners, our people are our most important resource. As we face a new reality of what our teams will look like both today and in the future, we are presented with an opportunity to position our teams for success. Incorporating outsourced resources into our people strategy allows us to create pliability and leverage within our business, to weather these uncertain times.

We are bringing together a panel of seasoned CEOs of professional outsourced firms to help you navigate not only what to outsource, but how to engage with these types of resources.

This panel is for you if:

  • You are looking for ways to create pliability in your business during this time of crisis and beyond
  • You are are looking for ways to enhance your business model and position your people for success by plugging in outsourced resources
What you’ll get out of this panel:
  • You will learn the top 1-2 things you should be thinking about right now in the areas of HR, CFO/Finance, Content Marketing, and Administrative Support
  • You will learn about how you best can leverage these outsourced relationships and how these arrangements work
  • Quick wins and actions you can take immediately in these areas