Who Not How: In Real Life Webinar Replay 


Our panel of experts shared key insights around the Strategic Coach concept of "WhoNotHow"™ and how to apply this in real life. We looked at tools and processes you can use to make great hiring decisions to make your delegation dreams to your next WHO come true. We will run a live case study with the Visionary of EOS Worldwide (a Coach student himself) and explore how to hiring technology and delegation techniques to clear his plate of low ROI activities.

This panel is for you if:

  • You're out of time and "hitting the ceiling"
  • You're struggling with what and how to hand things off effectively
  • You're looking to make a key hire but are nervous to pull the trigger

What you will gain from this session:

  • A deep dive into the fundamentals of this concept
  • Understanding of best practices available on technologies and techniques for delegation success
  • Real life example of a leading Visionary who applied this principle and the results he saw

Our presenters are seasoned experts on …

  • Strategic Coach concepts and tools
  • Delegation strategy
  • Hiring Superstars